The Idea

The Current Situation

Across the forestry and agriculture industries there is a desire to improve the spreading of fertilizers and ashes on the growing plots. Forest fertilizers, for example, are being used to increase the growth and growth rates of forests. Current spreading methods are via tractors, converted forestry machines and helicopters. Converting forestry machines is the most common method, which can be an expensive enterprise.
In the case of ash recycling, a large part of Sweden's energy supply is through combustion of forest-based biofuels. When wood is burnt, a by-product of ash is obtained. The purpose of ash recycling is to return nutrients to the forest soils, thereby closing the cycle of biofuels (closed loop cycle). Ash recycling has some positive effects on the growth and vitality of the forest environment, including the prevention of soil acidification. There is a need for thermal power plants to dispose of the ash produced, and ash recycling is a method of taking care of the by-product.

Nordluft Automation's Solution

Nordluft Automation's solution focuses on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to spread materials, such as fertilizer and ash, over large agricultural and forestry plots rapidly, efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner.

The Company's Focus

Starting in Scandinavia leads to the perfect opportunity to work with flourishing forestry and agriculture industries. Sweden is one of the most innovative countries and the culture of the people, industry, and government is to take care of the environment while also increasing economic output. Nordluft Automation strives to continue this tradition and bring high-end UAV technology further. Our steps to do this include building prototypes and products with partnerships with multiple entities to ensure quality, safety, and user friendliness at a low cost. Get in contact for more detailed info and the possibility of working with us at any level!

Consulting Services

Nordluft Automation also provides consultation services related to UAV automation and forestry. For more details please @nordluft-automation contact us.